Our Story



Our brand was born in 2008 when the intricate Tasmania and Australian Map Necklaces were designed to celebrate the memories and sentimentality of the home origins for those closest to the founder. With the rebrand in 2017, Esther Kelleher evolved PL Collective, continuing to design and create fine, minimalist jewellery in high-quality materials. Providing jewellery and keepsakes that hold nostalgic memories and celebrate various life adventures, these designs are to be worn and layered, to tell a story, YOUR story.

PL Collective now reimagines its offerings to cater to the summer-loving, adventurous spirit. Evolving from its own branded minimalist jewelry, the brand curates a collection of accessories perfect for the forever summer/holiday mindset, featuring products from Australian small businesses often led by women. These considered, luxe items, paired with the aesthetics of PL Collective jewellery, are essential for those chasing the eternal summer vibe, embodying a spirit of adventure, love of travel, and experiencing cultures, making memories, and indulging in nostalgia.

PL Collective continues to transport its customers to their dream destinations through vibrant colors, luxe accessories, emotive imagery, and by dialing up the Australian (and other summer destinations) lifestyle.

The jewellery collections for 2024 and beyond include fun and colourful, semi-precious, and beaded jewellery. Often handmade and worn layered, these pieces add to the customer's collection and stories of their keepsakes.


Ethical Sourcing and Environmental Statement:

  • More than 90% of our gold comes from recycled sources, with the balance ultimately sourced from ethical miners whose extraction methods and labour practices are regulated, so never willfully put supplier workers in danger (e.g never use Mercury amalgamation extraction methods);
  • All gemstones come from responsible sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with relevant UN resolutions;
  • We provide these declarations based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the relevant suppliers;
  • Recycled paper is used across the business; and
  • Packaging has moved from paper to fabric jewellery box, intended for a more long term jewellery storage solution.